It’s a celebration of green achievement. With COD status, it’s now full steam ahead for Kompleks Hijau Solar Bidor, fully owned, developed and operated by Gading Kencana, to feed solar energy into the Malaysian national grid.

Malaysians can take heart that an increasing portion of the electricity they use is from Renewable Energy (RE). Located at Lots 12191 and 12192, Mukim Bidor, Daerah Batang Padang, Perak, the 30MWac plant spans some 98.07 acres. In line with the government’s plan to reduce carbon emissions by 40% and more, the Bidor plant is part of efforts to increase the share of RE in the country’s energy mix.

Its position in a belt with one of the highest yearly irradiation levels in the country gives it great potential to succeed. From shadow profiles that ensure optimum yields for the longest periods to low-loss interconnection designs, technology emphasizing highest efficiency content suitable in tropical weather and more, the site is created to extract the most from the sun. Its consistent 50mWac annual output will see it, over a period of 21 years, remove 760 million tons of carbon emissions.

Additionally, the Bidor plant provides jobs for over 300 people, installer training for almost 100 people annually, vendor development opportunities for over 30 years and income to the state of Perak of some RM14 million. All the while providing the vital energy the nation and its people require for increased productivity and a better quality of life.

Gading Kencana is proud to share this achievement with all Malaysians. Energy is an essential part of our daily lives and if we can do our bit to reduce global warming even as we enjoy its benefits, so much the better.

As one of Malaysia’s foremost solar energy developers, we at Gading Kencana reaffirm our commitment to this green vision. To furthering the cause of clean solar energy for and together with Malaysians, giving all even more reason to celebrate in the future.

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