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Solar Power Generation System Projects – Hybrid & Standalone

Solar Power Hybrid System for Langat Paper Mill

Client: Genting Sanyen

Project: Institute a study to determine the generation efficiency of the various types of solar modules

Economic & Social Impact:

Gading Kencana was requested to design, supply and install a demonstration project at Genting Sanyen to test out various types of solar PV modules, namely the crystalline and thin film types. Four types of PV modules were used in this project with a total sizing of 5 kW.

The energy generated by the solar PV modules was used to power the Research Laboratory facility at the mill. In addition, Gading Kencana gained invaluable insights from the study to benefit its customers.

Solar PV Hybrid Power Systems for Rural Schools in Sabah

Client: Ministry of Education

Project: Rural School Electrification in Sabah

Economic & Social Impact:

Many rural schools in Sabah lie far from electricity generation and transmission infrastructure and many depend on diesel for power generation. However, the rising cost of diesel has burdened the government in its effort to power rural schools. An alternative for diesel was needed.

Gading Kencana was tasked to find a viable solution to supply electricity to rural schools. The answer was a solar photovoltaic hybrid system.using clean energy from the sun. The project, completed in December 2010, will provide the school with continuous electricity for 24 hours. In addition to this, the remote schools will also be equipped with rainwater harvesting systems.

As a result of this project, it is anticipated that the government will save up to 70% the cost of providing electricity to rural schools and rural students would enjoy better education.

Stand-alone Solar Photovoltaic Power System

Client: Ministry of Energy, Green Technology & Water

Project: Rural Electrification in Peninsula Malaysia

Economic & Social Impact:

Gading Kencana again proved its expertise in providing solar photovoltaic power system to rural areas with the completion of the Stand-alone Solar Photovoltaic Power system at the Pos Betau Aboriginal Village in Cameron Highlands in 2009.The solar power system enabled each household to light up the home and enjoy the use of essential electrical equipments.

The stand-alone solar photovoltaic power system was selected rather than a grid connected system as the cost to connect the village to the grid would be much more expensive. With this system powering their village, Gading Kencana has assisted the villagers in improving their standard of living.

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