Since the turn of the twentieth century, the earth's temperature has risen dramatically. The introduction of technology has accelerated the use of fossil fuels with carbon emission increasing in tandem. The emission acts as a greenhouse gas in the atmosphere, causing the earth's temperature to rise. This phenomenon 'Global Warming', causes changes in climate and landscapes, and ecological as well as behavioural abnormalities, not to mention mood swings of the majority of the human race.

Our key challenge today is to reduce carbon emission. The biggest culprit is the combustion of petrol fuel in vehicles and electric generators. To mitigate the effects of carbon emission, we need to look for alternative energy sources which are sustainable and environment-friendly.

Gading Kencana with its experience and multi-disciplinary skills, is able to offer a host of green energy solutions from renewable sources of energy, sustainable lighting to energy efficiency consultations and energy audits.


Solar street lights are LED bulbs powered by batteries charged during the day by photovoltaic cells. They switch on automatically by sensing outdoor light. As stand-alone systems, solar street lights do not need to connect to utility grid, eliminating the need for the messy wires and maintenance. Gading Kencana solar street lights have been developed to deliver quality, reliability and luminance that is unequaled to give your organization substantial savings.

Why Solar Street Lighting?

  • No lengthy road closure during installation
  • Relocation is easy when roads need to be widened/redesigned
  • Does not require road patching work
  • Lights up automatically when it is dark - no timer needed
  • No electricity bills


With sunlight all year round in Malaysia, generating energy from the sun makes good sense. Using Photovoltaic (PV) cells. solar energy is converted to clean green energy with no CO2 emission. The PV systems can be applied in isolated locations away from the national grid (off-grid) or connected to the national grid (on-grid). Gading Kencana has both the expertise and experience to handle off- and on-grid, and from the small-scale kWh to the large-scale MWh systems. The three main types of Solar PV systems offered by Gading Kencana are: Stand-alone, Hybrid and
Building Integrated.


Energy inputs (both electrical and fuel) are essential parts of any manufacturing process. The expenditure on these inputs often accounts for a significant share of the manufacturing costs. As such, any savings on electrical and fuel costs adds directly to the profits of the company and these probably require less effort to impact profits than other measures such as reducing labour costs, increasing sales or lowering distribution costs.

The main purpose of an energy audit is to systematically identify, using calibrated measuring instruments, the level of energy consumption and to investigate practical and feasible opportunities for saving all forms of energy costs. Experience show that as much as 10-15% of energy costs could be saved without any need for large investment on energy reducing measures.

Scope of Service

Types of energy audits available:

  • Preliminary energy audit
  • Walk-through audit
  • Detailed energy audit
  • Power quality audit
  • Boiler performance evaluation

The audit team will:

  • Identify energy balance to determine the energy flow
  • Identify energy balance to determine the energy wastage
  • Recommend ways to minimise the energy wastage
  • Carry out feasibility studies and prioritise energy improvement
  • Measure and record power quality status


  • Reduce cost
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Minimised environmental


Energy Management consulting includes Energy Efficiency (EE) which offers very effective ways to lower carbon emission by reducing power consumption. It is every bit as renewable as wind power, solar photovoltaic and solar base load. Power consumption can be reduced via zero-cost, low-cost or high-cost measures resulting in 20%, 30% and 50% increases in energy efficiency respectively.

Some common reasons to conduct energy management studies:

  • Making the case for energy efficiency
  • Establishing energy efficiency portfolio funding
    levels and goals
  • Assessing reliable alternatives to traditional
    supply-side resources
  • Program design support and analysis

We also provide Blue Print Development, Policy Study, and Implementation Strategy


Supported by relevant certification from various renowned authorities, Gading Kencana is well qualified to handle all types of electrical works from low voltage individual units to high voltage substations. You can rest assured of high quality and reliable installation. Some of the electrical works include:

1. Electrical cabling and equipment installation works.

2. Maintenance works.


Maintenance of TNB Substation


Laying of Underground Cable


Cabling works for building


Our Goal

Our Goal is to see that all entities work in harmony with the environment, operate at low carbon emissions and achieve EE and RE systematically for sustainable development and for our future generations.

Improving energy efficiency in industries is one of the most cost-effective measures to help supply-constrained developing and emerging countries meet their increasing energy demand and loosen the link between economic growth and environmental degradation, such as climate change.

We Diagnose and Provide Solutions to Reduce Energy Leakages and Deliver Your Expectations

Efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve energy efficiency do not only deliver environmental benefits. Such efforts also enhance business competitiveness and are becoming increasingly important management strategies. Managing your energy consumption will never be easy, especially in times of electricity tariff hikes and escalations in oil & gas prices. With the increase of other production costs such as raw material and labour, reducing the cost of energy may be the only way out for the company to remain competitive and stay in business. The Energy Manager will become a key person, leading the way in reducing the energy consumption. With demands from Management to realise savings and to identify and implement energy saving initiatives, the Energy Manager’s position becomes one of the most challenging in the organisation.

With the experience we have, we’ll share with you a new dimension in managing your energy effectively.

Our Services

  • Energy Auditing covering electrical & thermal energy (Preliminary, Detail Audit)
  • Energy data acquisition and logging
  • Energy Manager services (registered energy manager with Energy Commission)
  • Energy Management advisory and training for organisation
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