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Solar Off-Grid Power System for Rural Internet

Solar Stand-alone Power System for Satellite Communication Equipment (VSAT) in Remote Settlements Long Lamai, Sarawak and Buayan Sabah

Remote settlements in Sabah and Sarawak are consistently being connected via satellite communications systems to enable the people to have access to information regarding opportunities and other facilities to enable them to improve their livelihood. Remote villages such as these are able to market their traditional home grown products and offer home stay programs for visitors interested to learn about their lifestyle.

Configuration of Solar PV system installed:

145w x 6 pv module

250Ah x 4 solar battery

150w pure sine wave inverter

40Amps charge controller

Powering V-SAT Satellite Communication Equipment for Bario Airport : Client: MAXIS for MASwing Sdn Bhd

BARIO (population 800) is deep in the center of the Sarawak Highlands is only accessible by air from Miri and Marudi. Source of electricity is from diesel generators, solar photovoltaic system and a micro hydro electric generator. With the increase of travelers to these areas, the airport will need to upgrade its facilities to handle more frequent flights.

Configuration of Solar PV system installed:

200w x 10 solar pv modules

2,000Ah x 12 solar batteries

60Amps x 2 charge controller

700w inverter

Powering V-SAT Satellite Communication Equipment at Ba’kelalan Short Take-Off Landing(STOL) Aerodrome

Ba’kelalan consist of 9 villages situated in the highlands of Sarawak (3,000 ft above sea level) near the Indonesian border of Kalimantan Indonesia. It is famous for its apple orchard and tiny grained rice. Ba’kelalan is host for the Annual Apple Festival which attract even visitors from abroad. Accessibility is easier by air as compared to land travel. Hence with the increase in demand for more frequent flights to this area, the airport need to be upgraded.

As a consideration for the environment and to preserve the serenity of the highland settlement, renewable energy sources such as solar PV was the choice for power generation.

Configuration for solar PV system for the V-SAT satellite system:

200w x 8 solar PV modules

2000Ah x 12 solar batteries

60Amps Charge controller

700 w pure sine wave inverter

Bridging Digital Divide : USP Phase 5

Powering of ICT Equipment in Rural Libraries

The Universal Service Provider (USP) 5 project is designed to promote the widespread availability and usage of network applications throughout Malaysia including those living in rural and remote areas. Besides supplying lCT equipment, libraries located in remote areas with no electricity supply are provided with solar PV systems to power the equipment.

Solar PV System configuration:

- 120w x 18 solar module

- 2000Ah x 12 solar batteries

- 60Amps charge controller

- 1500w pure sine wave inverter

This program has achieved the objective of improving the teaching and learning environment by introducing the element of fun via internet access. The project recognised the community champions who have been tasked to develop local contents with the support from the Government of Malaysia.


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