Gading Kencana

Solar Street Light

Solar Photovoltaic Lighting Systems for Road Safety

Single- arm Solar powered lighting at inter-state roads

Double-arm solar-powered street lighting at road widening projects

Funicular shaped solar lighting using LED

Researches has shown that road lighting is the most effective method of reducing night time accidents compared to other methods such as installation of road furniture.

The Malaysian government through the Public Works Department has taken this step to ensure road users‘ safety by installing solar powered street lighting where power source from the grid is too expensive to tap from.

Gading Kencana is slowly phasing out the Energy saving 30 watt fluorescent lanterns with the LED type lantern.  Collaboration with  local R&D institutions and universities are being carried so that better models are created to meet the requirements of road users.

Solar Power Systems for Marine Parks and Off-the Coast Fishing Islands

To provide better facilities for communities without electricity supply from the grid, the Malaysian government has introduced power supply programs using Solar PV systems to enhance the safety and living standards of the inhabitants living on the islands off the mainland.

The installation of solar street lightings near landing jetties and waterways has reduced the number of accidents amongst the boats that ply the waters around the island. The lights have also assisted the island police force to monitor any illegal infiltration into Malaysian territory.

Solar Lighting systems installed along landing jetty and surrounding waterways.

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