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Sun2Cash: Landed Commercial Property 4-48 KWp (FiT)

This hassle-free Sun2Cash programme is designed for commercial type properties owned by business entities; Public /Private Limited Companies, Co-operative Societies, Partnerships and Enterprises. An increasing number of Multinational companies prefer to rent buildings for use as their office which are certified as “green building”. One of the criteria for Green Building certification is the installation of solar PV system on the roof top.

Gading Kencana’s Sun2Cash team will inspect the property and discuss with the client on the optimum system capacity for the building based on available roof space as well as the budget of the client and the Feed-in Tariff rate.

  • Cost is excluding GST
  • Income estimated is based on 2016 FiT rate

10 kWp Roof Top Solar PV system at Bangunan Kota Cemerlang, Kumpulan Melaka Berhad

Installation type : roof-top

Completion year : 2011

Project Worth : RM160,000.00

Module number : 32

Module type : M235 3BB

Total capacity : 10 kWp

Inverter : SMA, Model SB 4000 TL

Orientation /Slope : South /25°

Annual (year) electricity output : 13, 473.80 kWh

Performance ratio : 80.7%

31.725 kWp for Tesco Store, Kulim, Kedah

Installation type : roof-top

Completion year : 2012

Project Worth : RM608,486.40

Module number : c-Si M60

Module type : M235 3BB

Total capacity : 31.725 kWp

Inverter : SMA, SMC11000 TL

Orientation /Slope : North & South /5°

Annual (year) electricity output : 41, 291 kWh

Performance ratio : 82.2%

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