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Extra Low Voltage (ELV) System Installation

Gading Kencana Sdn Bhd have completed the installation of Extra Low Voltage (ELV) system for National Audit Department Malaysia, Pahang State in year 2013. The building area is over 2 acres and has a lot of secret rooms that were reserved to store information, important rooms for the purpose of the meeting and other events. Therefore, audio and video conferencing systems have been installed to facilitate conference is done without the need to attend to the headquarters.

The building was built with 2 floors equipped with 13 closed circuit camera system (CCTV) in which it can provide adequate security to the staff who will work here. The installed CCTV system is used by the security personnel in the general monitoring and surveillance of surrounding areas, with the main aim of improving the overall security of its office block.

Speaker system that has been in place for 106 units of the speaker is capable of delivering information quickly update. The system provides normal paging (P), emergency announcement (EA) and background music (BGM) to all area in the building. The PA equipment are located in the Reception Counter Ground floor. The system will override the background music and able to make emergency announcement from the emergency paging microphone. Besides providing normal and emergency paging, the system also used to provide background music by connecting the FM Tuner, Cassette Deck Player and 5 Disc CD Player to the matrix system.

With a capacity to accommodate about 200 employees, card access system is used as a medium for taking attendance and limit the area for people entering the venue. Staffs are issued with a 1.9mm proximity card. The reader mainly is located at office work area and Control Room. The card access door consists of an Entry Proximity Reader complete with 12-keys polycarbonate keypad and ABS casing with blue LCD (PRO-NDT), Exit Proximity Reader (Zircon) with 2 leds and buzzer, 600lbs Electromagnetic Lock, Magnetic Contact, Breakglass and Power Supply Unit with 7AH Sealed Acid Battery. Every card access door connected to a 4-door S-Series Controller (CAS-4S) located at PA/IT riser room at every floor. These controllers will control total of 4-doors maximum per unit. The signal will sent to PC workstation complete installed with SmartGuard Door Access Management System at Security Control Room, Ground Floor.

The audio conference system installed is used to ease the session of meeting. The audio conference system consists of a Chairman Unit (DCN-DISS) with chairman button, Delegate Units (DCN-DISS) and a Basic Central Control Unit (DCN-CCUB). The audio conference system is installed at Meeting Room. Meanwhile, the audio visual system consists of sound reinforcement system and video projection system. The sound reinforcement system consists of a basic microphone system and DVD players to a mixer equipment and output to 2 way active loudspeaker. Meanwhile, the video projection system consists of a projector with motorized projector lift, motorized projector screen, computer receptacle panel and audio/video receptacle panel.

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